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7:40 p.m. - 2005-03-25
You all are probably wondering what was that entry about? Well, I spoke to Max today at around 4:15 p.m. He was late because "I was reading" (he was reading a book). After he sat down and lay his head on the table I said "what are you doing for EASTER?" He said "Painting eggs" I said "Oh, using those little dye chips" he said "Yea" (that's how he spells Yeah) I said "I used to do that when I was younger" (At this point he is probably thinking:"She did everything when she was younger") I said "What else? Will you search for them?" He said "My mom and dad[will hide them]" I said "Oh" I bumped the table abruptly while he was resting on it "SORRY!" i said...(Deftly worrying that I had lost any of his respect forever) "SORRY I'M SO SORRY" I said. He said "That's ok." I think ^ THAT A LIE^ So I say "SORRY SORRY SORRY"...What did I say in the previous entry faithful readers: I WILL RESPECT MAX...
So as the time went on I said "What school did you go to?...I think I asked you this already..." He says "Holliston" I say "Is it a nice school?" He says (probably agitated) "It is a normal school" He says "Oh the book" Referring to THE LIMITLESS MIND He pulls it out of his book bag and hands it to me. I had previously asked him in an email if I could borrow it due to my short education at home of psychic powers, telepathy, and mind reading in 2003 and subsequent interest in those subjects. I am suprised he let me borrow it..then He raises his Jesus like face but stained with red blood rushed to his face from resting on the table pressured against his arm "I think it's time for you to go now" I say referring to his trip home to Holliston for the weekend and his Saturday voyage to Framingham to visit his new group home which he will be going to in "One to two months." He walks away as I volunteer the "Bye." and I follow him to the split automatic doors...they close as if keeping him for me to see just once and locking us in our own quiet bubble world away from the noisy druggies...I say his name "Max"just above a whisper. He turns and raises his hair matching eyebrows "Can I have your number at home?" I say. Volunteering next: "Your parents wouldn't like that? Me having your number?"
He quietly looks at me without blinking and mouths the two letter word I dreaded to have relations with




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