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9:18 a.m. - 2005-03-26
I was enjoying a nice clean walk and eating my banana and orange when after ,my roommate Gloria walks up to me insid e the hospital..."I want to talk to you"...then she says "all the anger built up and...and" I say "Leave me alone you're harassing me!" She says "No I'm not!" I say "Don't stress it" And she says "i'll leave you alone". Why does she have to bother me more? This morning she asked apologyies I forgave her. Now she is drawing it out.. What is she trying to prove...if you hit somebody either you are supposed to shut up or leave hte area not continue to agitate the person you hit unless you are trying to make matters worse....All I know is that SHE WILL NOT SPOIL THINGS FOR ME. GLORIA WILL NOT PREVENT ME FROM GETTING MY OH SO TREASURED PRIVILEGES. She tried to blow me up and blow my spot last night by hitting me. But she WILL NOT agitate me she can agitate the nurses and speak to a counselor...I will try to avoid her for the rest of the day I will listen to Music online at music category and read the book Max gave me, write some letters and chill and find fun stuff to occupy my time. On a lighter note I heard from "alisojo" the woman in California, my friend now, who has SOcial Anxiety Disorder just like me. We were talking online via email and i went out for my walk and then ran into Gloria..URGH!!!



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