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5:34 p.m. - 2005-03-26
I failed my I.Q. test I took it last week I got a friggin' 95 when the national average is 100 But you can imagine how ashamed I felt. I think that I could have done better because the questions we (Chi the BU Rehab Student) went over I got right. SO blah blah schich kabob....!heeehe
Anyway, mommy and daddy and hannah are supposed to visit me today oh well..I hope the visit doesn't go awry and have daddy talking a bunch of negatives. They always start talking to each other when they come here. Not like i really have anything to say though anyway. I am missing the egg dying upstairs on 9 South. I wish I could go.
I wish I Could be on a long road trip with Sergeant Shultz...Oh I e-mailed him and the email actually went through . I think what it was wa she gave me the wrong email address over the phone. anyway here is contact information: 781-330-6018 and email [email protected] me in the but if that is wrong...I'll kick myself if that is wrong...I have emailed him countless times...well several times. I'm starting to feel beside myself. Like scared and coming out of my body feeling. Well I will be well enough to visit with my family. I am just worried that I wont know what to do tommorow. What to do What to do....Can't call Avi and name that hasn't shown up recently not meaning I am tossing him away. But he doesn't really want to bother with me unless I can go out with him and HELL-O I am in Boston and well he isall the way in LEXINGTON... SOOOOOO wouldn't a relationship with someone on hospital grounds make a bit more sense? Yes, that is referal to Max. I don't know where that one is going either (not the person)just the connaitions (the relations) trying to be as un-relation-shippy as possible.
Anyway, I heard Marie today talking to me and she said "WE NEED TO GET YOU MORE PRIVILEGES ON MONDAY..." I wont say that is nice because I don't know if anything will happen until Monday probably. I will get privileges don't worry self*patting self on the back*



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