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3:49 p.m. - 2005-03-28
Au Revoir and Checker board after entry
It is raining today. So there is like clouds and stuff. Cloudy day don't say nay be excited for the cloudy day. I am listening to Eminem number 6 it's very psychadelic i was just observing my nails and Eminem rapped "my nails ...."

Today was kind of annoying men at TREE kept on bother ing me oh and did I mention my rooommate hit me everyone was asking me about that today because it happened when no doctors or social workers were there.

But anyway the men at TREE keep on annoying me. They are all older than me so wont they just back off? heheh no hehe but it's just disgusting...i really think so

I wish I was at home in the kitchen on my own making something. I am bored. I am waiting for Max to come down stairs so I will have him to talk to.

I spoke to Dr. Gebora today. She asked me tons of questions about the hitting incident and it really made me uncomfortable...i didn't want to say too many words.... This afternooon like 5 or before that they were or are supposed to make a decision as to if I can go out on my own. I feel as if I am sucked into a void..I will get out. But it is kind of difficult now. Because I want to do normal things but things don't really balance sometimes..but things will balance. I know it. They will. I want to buy a few things as well. Mommy gave me only $20 dollars via daddy at about 9:15p.m. last night after community meeting. I want to buy shoes, a CD player, THIS GUY WANT S TO USE THE COMPUTER SO I "LL JUST ZIP OF AU REVOIR!!!!!!!!



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