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6:20 p.m. - 2005-03-29

Just tried to add a diary land diary to my buddy list on Well I went out earlier like I told you. I called curly haired boy. “I probably wont.” In reply to if he would go to the library and you know the rest. He said “I have a community meeting in 2 minutes, dinner is at 6 p.m. and American Idol is at 8 p.m.” I totally understand him. He is completely cool. Hannah ended up coming to visit me. She left with daddy an hour ago. They will be coming here soon. I am looking forward to it . Something to do..even though the unit is starting resemble a zoo and smell like one too.,

I found an itchy bump ¼” on my arm. Yuck. I am scared I have a deadly disease

I have to call Avi to check up on him

Just random thoughts I’m throwing out while hitting the return key and holding it down for countless seconds to maintain my privacy ( prncd. Privvissy )in a crowded computer room.

Mommy is supposed to buy my favorite peanut drink from Tropical foods in Dudly (eeyuk) I hate Dudley…

Dr. Gebor (sp??)( Girl with long long brown hair ) said that it will be a while before they meet with my family to find out about my passes with them

I just g r in my head

It sukcs

I will enter this stuff in now.

By the way gr meant well….you know got molested in my head with the music

By the way Found a site I will use once I get a digital camera and when I will start travelling:



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