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11:09 a.m. - 2005-03-30
My Day
Hi. What’s up? I am sitting through the day here in the computer room on 9 South trying to get through the day. The next thing I have to look forward to is my walk at 12:00 and TREE at 1:30. I will go on my walk at around 12:00 p.m. and I will go to TREE at around 1:15. I was just reading some news. Guess what? JOHNNY COCHRAN died… :’( That’s soo sad. He was lawyer to many celebs as we all know. He died of a Brain Tumor that was inoperable. That is very unfortunate.
Guess what? I could have gotten into big trouble just now. My counselor acted like she signed my name but didn’t sign my name for the computer room if M**** W**** (the head nurse) saw my name wasn’t there I could’ve gotten into big trouble. These counselors urgh!! But I will be more cautious from now on no matter how nice or no matter how bone headed they are about the safeties and regulations of the computer room.
I might as well update you on what’s going on. Prince Charles is getting married to Camilla Parker Bowles and Prince William and Prince Harry are approving of it. Well gotta go this man who shouts “screaming infidelities” I.e. bad stuff is in the room . I will retreat to my room and read the news from that I printed out. TOOTALOO!!! Oh I was looking at live and galaxy.diary’s diaries. There diaries make me jealous. I want to have a nice diary like that but it takes money. And to advertise especially in diary it takes money. But I will buy a camera so that I can develop a KODAK pic CD so I can save and email and post my pics online. Can’t wait to get out. Itching too. The other day (OH THAT MAN LEFT) anyway the other day I was looking at a letter I wrote to AVI 3 months ago about what I will do once the doc grants me privileges to go out . Among the things I said was shop. I am looking forward to the new clothes smell I will smell when the doc will grant me back my privileges. Can’t you see I just want to keep on typing and talking? Well gotta go and enter this in my diary love, lydia
P.s. I will be going bowling soon, maybe tonight



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