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9:05 a.m. - 2005-03-30
Limitless Mindand other Jargon
This morning I was looking at my N tennis shoes that I got from the Army in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO...I was in a little state of shock thinking where they came from they looked so foreign to me all of a sudden. I think that is one of the examples of me being in altered states of consciousness. I.E. Having been in the army and having done thing conscioulsy and "un-consciously" and "sub-consciously"
I am reading this book that Max let me borrow and it is interesting:Limitless Mind by Russell Targ On pages 8-14 they talk about being at one with the Universe and falling into step with degrees of the 3 dimensional psi world. I know it sounds weird but it's cool. I think I will talk to gmalivuk on about it and I will talk to Max about it of course.
p.s. I have fitness this morning. hope i don't run into Keto (this man from Africa with a beard) he is always trying to flirt with me. I wonder if Max feels that way about me urgh!...I'm not trying to flirt with him anyway; NO WAY...that would be rude.He doesn't want to be flirted with I get that impression at least. And I DONT I making false assumptions about myself? I also talked
to Avi last night. He was like "where are you?" he sounded so cute I just wanted to be right there w/ him. We will go out. I will get out of this hospital.
I just remembered there is a copying machine down here. I will copy my transcript from RCC and I will send it to Bunker Hill Community College.




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