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12:31 p.m. - 2005-03-31
Lost Entry
I just lost a written entry I wrote. Wo is me!!! That was a heart felt entry too. This sucks! I will get over it though.
-Lydia I found the entry: I had a pretty good day today. I spoke to the new Occupational Therapy student. She was reticent to tell me her school's name. She just said it is really far out. I said like Regis College? she said , further. Woah (as Tam would say) I wonder why? does she think that I'm crazy? Ok, here's the big D. I feel depressed because I'm kinda trapped on the hospital grounds for now and I haven't gotten the flowers mommy told me to get. The only thing making me happy right noww is my Bazooka Gum and my Fruit punch Fountain Drink I am so proud I bought if gor 83 cents "down in" (as they say it) the cafeteria. It looks like I will have to get mommy's info from the computer upstairs. I wonder if I will go bowling. hmmm...the library is getting "funnily" full and I am starting to feel like I am at Northeastern University. Northeastern is good. I will do something this summer. Either go to school or work. I will do something. I wish I was on my own again....Free I've been enjailed since May 2004. In May I was admitted to the Carney Hospital until October in October I was admitted to Lemuel Shattuck Hospital eeyeuk the ghetto hospital. But that makes it like 11 months I have been in the hospitals and at this one the doctor still wants to meet with my family. I know why though. Uh! (over) I see myself or I think I am the princess of col or a princess of col. Cuz, right now I'm writing thie entry outside at a picnic table at the hospital shiver my armpits out. Love itÖat the same time I hear birds chirp Love this independence and I hate being trapped in the library w/ nothing to do. I will be going bowling tonight at around 5:45p.m. I so canít wait to start school I am thinking of going to Worcester State College ( but later found out that WSC issues only Bachelorís Degrees and not Associates Degrees ) because of what Michelle (same name as Michelle the OT Therapist) said about her school being far away. I think I will apply and look @ there computer science major. I later found out that their computer science offerings are for a Bachelorís of Science Degree.



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