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7:12 p.m. - 2005-04-04
Listening to Gwen Stefani \"Hey Baby...\"
“Just want to let everyone know I have a gray hair.” -galaxy girl Woah galaxy girl if you knew how many white hairs I have you wouldn’t be breathing!!!!!! And I thought I was picky…(said lightly) hargh hargh… Today was ok. I enjoyed the most my trip to Art Studio. I finished up a pin that I made. A rainbow w/ a shamrock and gold pot on it. All from clay. Very cute mommy liked it. I think I will go to and and print more information out to read. I have found in that a new hobby (reading the news) Today I took the mechanical test. It was interesting enough. I enjoyed it a lot. I can’t wait to go home. I will act normally. I have to. I will return to normal. I will get back into the swing of things. Surely. Well I’m off too CNN and BruceGirl‘s Diary. And other diaries. Internet surfing…my new hobby….



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