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11:48 a.m. - 2005-04-06
Scratched Max's CD and other news

I went to fitness today. I worked out on the treadmill. It was ok. But on a downside I got Maxís cd scratched up. This guy was trying to help me put the cd and the cd head started turning and I put the cd on the cd turner and it scratched the bottom of the cd in the process. Major bummer. I might have to give Max $20.00 to pay for his scratched up cd. I have to do a sound check on it. Itís bummer. I think he will say itís ok. That I scratched his cd. I hope he doesnít think Iím responsible.
In other news, the Pope is to be buried on Friday and the conclave, the process where the y select the new pope begins on April 18, 2005. Thatís good for them. I hope the new pope has as much determination as Pope John Paul II. Pope John Paul will be buried where Pope John Paul XXIII was buried. Iím sad about the pope. He was a cute good old man who had values and helped bring the christian and catholic churches together. And He was anticommunism.
In my news I got an application from Worcester State College. I requested it myself online last week. They sent it fast. I donít know if I want to go there. Only if MassHEalth pays for me to live there too. That would be good. Pray for me yall.
I spoke to Avi ( The Jewish 29 year old man who I met at a bus station on the way to Rhode Island when I was trying to run away). I donít think he wants to deal with me and look Iím here in the hospital and canít get out currently. No duh! Who would want to deal with someone they canít reach! So he literally said then stopped: ďI canít deal with people thatÖĒ Then he said, Heís been hurt too many times and doesnít want to be hurt again.Poor thing. Weíll go out when I get out of the hospital. There is potential there for us for a relationship anyway. At least I hope.
I just canít wait to go out on pass with mommy and daddy. I spoke to Mark, my social worker, and he asked me if there is a time that mommy and daddy want to meet with him and Dr. Sellers. I told him this Friday at 4:00 p.m.
In other,other news I will be going to dinner tonight to Old Ground Round or something like that (yuckÖIĎll probably just drink myself silly and have icecream and little icecream candies) Iím just going to get outstarting at 4:00 so that means my meeting with Max at 3:30 will have to be canceled or done really short. I hate when I have to have short meetings with him. Heís interesting. Plus *forgot what I was going to say* ( My palm s are sweaty --- starting to get nervous about TREE my program treatment thingy because the people; at least thereís art studio today)
Oh, I spoke to Brother Bailey (a brother from my church)last night. He said he would come with his digital camera one Sunday so we can take pictures. Knowing Brother Bailey he wont come unless I keep on callingÖbut heís knudgeable. Meaning easy to get to do stuff with persistence. Bye. Off to email Alison in California and web surf.



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