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8:46 p.m. - 2005-04-06
Old Country Buffet
Today I went to the Old Country Buffet. It was cool enough. Great to be in the great suburbs again. We drove pretty fast down the highway it was some what fun. I ate firstly a salad with ranch dressing a hot peppers and cheese and carrots along with that green melon and then i had jello which I didn't eat. then I got salmon, chicken drumstick and to top it off icecream strawberry flavored covered with hot fudge sauce yum! Plus there was a cute boy who served us he looked like an alien beatle, nerdy w/o the glasses and skinny and bony nose. There was this one boy who looked like he could have been a member of the Monkees or could be a member of the HIVES. Well will go and look at diaries and the news and call some people, get some water now and then go to community and get some sleep afterwards. I will request mommy and daddy to buy sorbet (sherbert) for me or icecream from the store. Daddy is supposed to get an bubble envelope for me. I just called the house and nobody answered I wonder if they all went out to Staples...hope they're ok...I'm getting tingling in my hands. I also bought a $5 gift card from Bath and Body Works for Patrice, my friend in Tennessee who attends Vanderbilt University. She lives in Worcester, MA well actually Baldwell, MA. I also tried out a few different hand creams from the DE MIMES line and absent mindedly took up a application from a worker that I didn't fill out upon getting to my psych ward room. Oh well. It was cool enough.



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