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8:43 p.m. - 2005-04-07
I am writing on a windy night and it is just noisy on the unit. Itís like people are bringing their personal home setting to the hospital. Itís messed up. Plus I feel a little queasy..I forgot how to spell queasy I spelt it queezy. Alison (the girl from California who has social anxiety disorder like me) e-mailed me and she said she got her social security check after seeing the psychiatrist and also had to pay rent. She got my letter I hope she writes back. This lady on the unit sounds like a dying catÖno offence but thatís the only description that comes to mind currently. Sheís done with that bit. Now someone else is running their mouth. Well Iíll try to call mommy again tonight to ask her to bring the FLEET/BANK OF AMERICA thing tomorrow.
I spoke to Sis. Crayton today about going to Colorado for the General Conference Convention. Itís cool. I will tell mommy and daddy tonight.



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