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8:41 a.m. - 2005-04-07
I want my credit card by now
I logged on to find low and behold, my diary was already logged out...hmmm...I wonder who read it. This morning I took a light stroll around the building of Lemuel Shattuck Hospital. This morning on the stroll I saw Max in his white van about to be driven to his day program.... He looked cute.his mouth did and his hair...he looked different somehow sitting in the white van with the darkish glass windows. It makes me think even more to yesterday when I displayed to him the cd I scratched at the mercy of this guy from my day program...humph..when suggested by me that he probably wouldn't let me borrow any more of his music for now at least he said a quiet, distant, "yeah". I might put that in but come to think of it he maybe knows or has memorized my livejournal username because I told him he could read it and wouldn't want to read what I just wrote about him. Oh well. I will be discharged from the hospital soon. That will be something to look forward to at least. I will remain level headed. Another reminder you guys if you read my diary feel free to post in the guestbook.
I am trying to decide what to do this summer. I will either go to school,volunteer, or work. I will look up courses at Bunker Hill Community College and consider going to these places. I hate mommy and daddy right now especially ...ok I don't hate them but if they don't tell Dr. Sellers to allow me to be out with them on a day pass that would be unfair.
I have the Fuller Gym to look forward to this morning. I will hopefully play volleyball. Even if it's just hitting up against the gym wall. It's fun!
I spoke to Daddy this morning and he said he would get the bubble envelope for me today ,"try to" I just think it's unfair that Alison has sent me a bracelet and I have taken over a week after I promised her to send her bracelet.
Some of the people online that Gmalivuk found for me on-line my doing a regions search have responded the seem pretty nice. There is this boy who goes to St. Michael's in Vermont (Wooh! Vermont GREEN CITY...and suburbs..a dream..) and lives in Westy (West Roxbury) Hopefully we hook up some time he's only like 18 or 19 because he's a freshman. Oh well gotta go. I'm going to buy a fountain drink downstairs my throat feels soar...I hope I don't have a deadly disease and I want my credit card by now. I should get it this Friday or early next week. My plan is to purchase a few things then cancel it. I don't know how my plan is going to work right now. I might just cancel the credit card all together.



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