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4:11 p.m. - 2005-04-07
More Ramblings and Passes Will be Soon to Come
OVer the past few days it seems I have been substituting candy for happiness. Sweetness come happiness. Has been the basic theme of mine. In other news, I am so happy that I will be going out on passes with mommy and daddy etc. I t makes it easier for me to feel happy for Max who will be moving into his own apartment come Monday. ( i.e. we will both revel in freedom soon) It is also good to have something to look forward to. I'm hoping the whole thing doesn't blow over and I hope that I don't haVe a deadly disease. And I will start making statements in the affirmative that are true and will come to pass unless they aren't good. Then if I make those statements that aren't good they will not come to pass. Know what I mean?

Now let's talk diaries, of all the diaries I havE looked at, I like Brucegirl's diary the most more than anything so far. It has this Moby thing on it. A picture of his hotel album.


I also like Kungfukitten'sdiary. It has a narrow text paragraph to it. Thirdly I like Galaxy Girl's Diary. She keeps it updated 2x a day at the least at times and it's pretty as is she in the pictures she posts. I will get a better-er (not a word) diary. I have already improved on my diary of which I am proud.



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