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8:46 p.m. - 2005-04-10
e-mail to Alison
What's up? How is your stomach? Did your mom like the card and box for closet cleaning guarantee? That's a cute idea. What have you been doing. I went out with my parents and sister. It sucked. But also it was cool. Firstly there were lots of cute Caucasian guys (I like Caucasian guys mostly for some reason) on the road and in the stores. Secondly I got to take digital pictures with a church friend’s Fuji Camera worth (my dad said) $700. I got to eye a pink I- pod (owned by the church friend’s wife) and I got to get a job application to L’Occitane at the mall who’s job offer will begin in June. The reason it sucked was my sister was very reticent about telling me not to wear the high heel shoes I bought from Marshall in the hospital since the docto's might see it . She made a face. This ticked me off so I spent a good 2 minutes talking to her about it. I was upset at her but tried to convince her that I agreed with her that I shouldn’t wear high heel shoes around the hospital since the doctor’s were observing me. Bye.



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