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8:58 p.m. - 2005-04-11
Pizza Hut
I got the $40 from mommy. Yeah. Ibought a pizza w/ olives from Pizza Hut tonight. I will spend the rest of the night listening to classical music and watching the TV turned down low and turned up if finding something of interest.
Gloria is gone finally. I thought I would have to deal with the tension longer than I did.
Alison emailed me back. She is thinking of getting yarn for me to make a scarf for her during the next few days. Oh, I have to take a pic of the knitting I have done so far for Patrice to see. I wonder why she is interested. Does she want to look because she sees herself as a close friend of mine? I hope so. That would be cool. Because Alison wants me to knit for her as a close friend of hers; she want me in particular to knit the scarf for her because she likes me. she said, "I like ya" I guess Max isreally gone.I will call his phone here in a minute.



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