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9:24 a.m. - 2005-04-11
Sunflower by Elizabeth Arden

Come to think of it it I need responsiblity in my life. I was thinking some good thoguhts this morning but couldn't enter them into my diary. I will buy a car soon. Like I will buy a car in the next few years. I will get my driver's liscence first. I need responsibility.

I got a SUNFLOWER by Elizabeth Arden Perfume yesterdat at Marshalls when I went out with mommy and daddy. I am wearing it now. It's strong.It was fun in a way.But Hannah had to spoil it by telling me not to wear my high heel shoes I bought since the doctor's are observing me. I really ticked me off so I wrote Okey by email in my Yahoo account. I haven't heard from him yet.

I am really liking Kungfukitten's diary. She does interesting stuff.And I always like Galaxy Girl's diary she is very creative and always has pictures of herself doing interesting things. And Brucegirl is always interesting. I emailed her but she hasn't emailed me back.

Oh well. Today I will go to TREE and mommy and daddy are supposed to drop of money (hopefully $50 ) for me for this week.
On a sad note, Max will be leaving or has left today. I want to take his picture Hannah wants to see how he looks. I want to take an outside picture. I wonder if he went to his program this morning? Or if he just left this morning to go to his new Framingham apartment.
I hope none of the staff on 9 South or TREE people find my diary. Bye for now.

I will call Hannah when I get back upstairs on the unit. Then I will prepare to go to Fitness. After Fitness I will go back to the unit and I will play around on the computer

I've gotta go. Bye. maybe I don't..i thought this girl dressed in business attire needed the computer. but i guess not..but i will enter this diary entry and look at a few diaries because my "your buddy list" link on my diary is pink, meaning that there are diaries that have been updated on my buddy list.


I just got a letter from Alison my social anxiety disorder friend in California.I lost two people today Max left supposidly to go to his home in Framigham or his new apartment. Come to think of it, I wonder if I will ever see him again? I still have his book. I'm going upstairs to see if he has maybe not that would be a futile attempt. I am just going to e-mail him and see if he responds. I made this glittery dolphin today in TREE in looked really good and I impressed Marie to boot. I can't wait till tommorow. On the calander it says "Blue Hills" for the group trip. I love the long drives. Like last week we went to Walpole for a dinner at the Old Country Buffet where I bought a gift certificate for Patrice. I hope she's gotten it by now. Her birthday was Saturday...did she get it today? or will she get it tommorow? I haven't gotten my credit card yet. Oh well. All the better. The phone at home is disconnected or "out of service" why? I dont know. Maybe daddy's been running up the telephone bill alot. Speaking of daddy I kind of enjoyed that trip yesterday. People like Marie head nurse and the resident doctor were asking me if I enjoyed it the doc was like "I heard you went" yeah...anyway..I will watch some TV tonight and go on the internet and do what? I don't know. Listen to music, look at people's diaries, OH yes Email ALison. Gotta go upstairs and eat dinner. Later.



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