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10:12 a.m. - 2005-04-12
Damien Quote and BLUE HILL'S TRIP
damien he told me iw ould get arrested ...well i don't like damien really any more.
I will not be arrested.


We went to the Blue Hills this morning. I had fun--kind of. We walked up a hill about half way to the top. It was fun in a way. I could see the span of Boston and the Prudential Center and the John Hancock Building. The drive was good it was along blue hill avenue. Today was scheduled a TREE "T" Group Trip to BJ's or to buy stuff for the gifts shop. Hannah emailed me. She and I haven't spoken much becaus eof the phone. She took a test in school I think it was pediatrics she might be home now unless she had more classes or something else to do. I also got an email from Okey he told me not to worry about what hannah said to me about the shoes. He said he would go to Chicago soon. I also got an email from Alison. She was about to go to the mall area to pick up her medecine and the knitting supplies for me. I bought a birthday card for Tabitha. I was trying to choose between the pretty one with black and sparkle stars on it that just said plum "Happy Birthday" and the plain boring belated birthday one. I got an email from Brucegirl She asked me how I was doing. She was at work. I hope you read this Brucegirl. If so "HELLLO!!" I LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT FOR THE POETRY DIARY!!!! I miss seeing Max's face. I really wonder will he ever respond to my emails again. Without my prompt. I get the feeling he rarely checks his email. Bye. -Lydia



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