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5:27 p.m. - 2005-04-14
Stuff and Macmillan
Mommy and Daddy are supposed to come today. Daddy said he has some photo something to show me today. Oh well. I wonder if it will go well.
I just got a call while I was leaving the unit to come downstairs. Bummer What if it was that lady who is trying to get me to rent her room in her apartment. If I haven't told you I am trying to rent a room in someones apartment this summer. I will not live with my family. I will find another place to live. I was bartering in my mind that if I get back into the hospital which I wont I don't want to be brought here again. I will not be brought here again. I will not be thrown into a group home. That is why I will establish a home outside of my home when I do leave this hospital, which I will. So I will find a place to live other than my family's home.
I saw Dr. Macmillan today on another note and he was so cute as usual. He has nice hair and is tall.

He always turns red when I look at him

I think he knows I like him. Bye.



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