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3:01 p.m. - 2005-04-18
High Heel Shoes
Today has been boring. Today is Patriots day and there is no TREE program.I’m waiting for mommy and daddy to drop by and give me my money and shoes. My high heel shoes. That support my back and make me feel good while walking in them. Today all day I went on the computer and sleep and talk to hannah and mommmy and daddy.There is this guy on the unit who is restricted for a few days. I feel sorry for him to say the least. I would hate to be in that position. I will not get in that position. I’ve had enough of restriction .I was restricted (meaning not aloud to go out off the unit) two times. The first time it was for running away to Rhode Island. I was restricted for a month. And then for something that wasn’t my fault, I was restricted from being allowed to go off the unit for another month or so. See what happened was I went on a library trip and I was sitting in a corner and they left without me. I ended up calling the hospital and they had to come and pick me up (Jerome and Grace the counselors) and when I got back the head nurse Mary was upset with me So it was all wrong. It was their fault (The counselors) they didn’t look around the library properly for me before leaving. They just assumed that I had run away. Urgh! How ignorant. Anway…..I will go and knit.



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