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4:08 p.m. - 2005-04-18
Shattuck Bathroom
I need to use the ladies room but I don't like it. The one down here on the first floor sux. It is jammed door that I can't get into hardly without pushing it hard and then the mirrors focus on the toilet stalls while the door closes slowly letting anyone passing by see the show going on in the toilet stalls in the mirror.
But anwayz I'm downstairs using the library I got my pass this week and used it all weekend. I just got some water and ice and a big cup from an overly nice black girl with a bun in her hair from the cafeteria on the G floor-ground floor. I hope I don't get in trouble becauase at first she prompted me to ask the Spanish like guy the short guy who always says "hi" to me for a cup and he thought I was asking for water and he mouthed "No" then I walked back to the girl and explained to her that I had gotten in trouble with one of my nurses (Barbara) for coming to the back area of the cafeteria and asking about something (namely, my menu or something back in January) and she said "Oh I didn't know that" and proceeded to get the cup for me I still hope that spanish guy doesn't call up stairs to 9 South and say, "That girl was aasging mee for vatter!" Oh well. I still need to pee...that's why I can write this entry so well..I operate well under pressure. Oh I said hi to cute hyper happy security guard boy today...he called my name first!! He was like "LYDIA!" I was like "Hi how are you?"



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