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10:16 a.m. - 2005-04-19
I have heard from quite a few email people online today and yesterday. I wont go into it or maybe I should since I locked my diary. Well, one of them is a black girl who I told about Damien she was in the same situation except that she broke up with her boyfriend and was in a relationship with him in the first place. She seems to think Iím funny. I donít know if Iím down with black girls or white girlsÖIím at a standstill and pondering point in my life. Iíve had a lot of time to think.
Anyway this morning a bad thought creeped into my head that I was better than my roommate because she doesnít keep things in the room as clean as me. Oh well. She has more character than me at least I feel that way currently. She has the guts to shout everyday where Iím scared to say a word above 1 decibelÖ.Iíll be going out on the trip soon so ADIOS!!!



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