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8:41 a.m. - 2005-04-20
Precious Thoughts
In other news Max called me last night (at the prompt of his counselor at BASICS and at the mercy that he just got his phone hooked up) I asked him for his number and he said he doesn't have it yet. He said he was making dinner ( sweet). I will try to call him when I get out of the hospital. I will get out of the hospital soon. And it will be sweetness. I might call him again if I feel prompted to. I find that when I feel discouraged I feel like going to a boy sometims like Avi or Maxwell Simon.
Off the subject but suprisingly I don't even know Avi's last name yet. I need to call him haven't called him for two weeks...been to busy. I have TREE today. I am hoping to exercise today in Fitness group. I owe Diane (the nurse) $1.00. She gave me a dollar while we were watching American Idol last night...I like the black girl that's left she's pretty good.



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