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5:29 p.m. - 2005-04-23
I HATE 9 South
I've been thinking how I'm hated by most of the people on the unit's degrading but I will survive Today Bill said “Be quiet to me” I wasn’t saying anything. He’s a jerk. And last night Cleve was saying stuff about me dying and such like. He’s a pighead. I'm starting to disdain most of the people on this unit. Priscilla answered the phone when I called the church she's such a jerk...I wrote her a letter about Max and she told everybody...she's crossed out in my books. I don’t like her any more. I hope she doesn’t graduate from school…I just venting so I may say some things I don’t believe later Maybe. Maybe I should form a support group with Greg he’ s a partial christian but I can’t trust him either cuz he be saying stupid stuff about me to..jerk.. I hate them all…I ‘m surprised I’m even mentioning them in my diary… BYE…Yeah, and as usual I hope that mommy and daddy visit me tonight so I can get money to be able to get food…I wonder if Okey will visit me I was thinking he could visit me and we could chill in the conference room or down in the library…I wonder if he has a DVD player.



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