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4:20 p.m. - 2005-04-25
Once again I'm finding it a bit difficult to make an entry. A few things happened to me today..I guy in the lobby tried to give me a hug and I mistaked it for someone trying to rob me....oh well...i spoek to on eof hte mdeical students and he interview d me for a big case conference they are having tommorow...i'm nervous...i don't like the crowds of people too much..hey i need to email alison....when I wehnt out with mommmy daddy and hannah i bought a big bag of twizllers we went to WLAMART. I have to email Alison to see how she's doing. Before we loose our frienship . We will not loose our friendship. I spoke to OKEY...he is going to Las Vegas for vacation. Bye gotta run to dinner.



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