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9:39 a.m. - 2005-05-09
Want to get discharged bad
I don't really feel like writing in here. Maybe because I don't really feel like facing the day. I'm getting tired of this hospital. But I will hold up. I don't want to face the week but I will face the week. I miss Dr. MacmIllan. I wonder when I will have a meeting with Dr. Sellers and my team. I want to get discharged so bad. My favorite song right now is " MARIA " by GREEN DAY. I've been talking to Alison alot poor thing is getting bleeding in her kidneys I really feel sorry for her. I will mail her a get well card today. I've been mailing her letters too and photocopied pictures I brought from home and photocopied in the library. She's been strugglig with the pharmacy people in California. I have to go there are new people here.
Tabitha's is out of college and Hannah 's last day in school is today.



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