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9:46 a.m. - 2005-05-11
Soul Calibur II
i've just been hanging out. yeah...just hoping i don't get restricted....

Having a crush on BB (Bill Benet)

Playing Soul Calibur II on my gamecube had bounties of fun

I want to play tennis

I want to go shopping

I feel slightly sick

I"m listening to GREEN DAY the CD I bought on a slight whim from BEST BUY at CambridegSide Galleria

I have to go
Love, Lydia
P.S. And p.s. , I don't think I have a mental illness whatever that is but I enjoyed teh Mental Illness conference yesterday it was good...felt like I was back in school refreshing for the mind.

I am liking my high heel shoes my pumps...just a note.....and HI BRUCEGIRL!!!



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