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3:45 p.m. - 2005-05-26
Lydia's Plea for Help
Right now I feel like I am facing the devil head on. What with lust, no time for the Lord when there is time for the Lord, and fantasizing that is what the devil would have me do.

Whereas on the other hand I should be listening to christian wholesome music and reading the words of the scriptures and reading devotional books.

When you do these things there IS NO time AT all for those things I told you about.

When I say I judge people it means that I say they are ugly in my mind over and over again or curse them in my mind.

I never had these problems 5 years ago that is because I was sacred back then. Now I am trying to regain my sacred ways. I lost my sacred ways when I was homeless. I became lustful looking at men, talking to men online, wearing red hair braids....Being on my own, meditating in the scriptures. It's a thin line Vicky. You understand? It's a battle. And I will win the God's help.




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