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9:40 a.m. - 2005-06-10
Letter to Alison/Entry
Well on Wednesday I went to a beach it was SOOO very nice It was called Wollastan Beach...I walked along the walk way and handled a few stones with you in mind but then remembered I can't bring back stones to the unit.I couldn't find any seashells. because i guess i wasn't close enough to the seashore . very nice indeed. and on thursday I went to Wendy's and a Dollar Store One of the patients started cursing out one of the other patients really loudly in the store and we had to leave. .I also bought some black hair bands because my last hair band just broke and i had to tie it together to "make do".I bought a pale green plastic cone shaped vase for the new house It can hold tall dry flowers in it. I am excited about it because I know my mother likes pale green pastel colours in general...kind of like the Martha Stewar themes she uses pastel alot (Martha Stewart).I found some seashelss for sale in a plastic bag at the Dollar Store but I didn't have enough money to pay for them.there were these Indian people very cool indeed who owned the store. I bought a junior cheesburger delux and a small Hi-C from Wendy's. That's about it. Other than that I will be going to TREE and playing tennis and going out on pass with my family on Saturday and Sunday. I'm in the library downstairs now. So I am going to finish writing you a letter. Mass Rehab will be sending me some important information soon. I will be taking Vocational Testing.





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