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7:08 p.m. - 2005-06-22
Case Manager and Update
My case manager from Department of Mental health was like "Was Lydia smart growing up?" and scrunched up her face during a meeting with my famliy on Tuesday....that was mean of her....dunce...just kidding I love you case manager you savedd my life....
In other news Dr. Sellers actually met with mommy and daddy and said i was doing well or i am doing welll . He said I will be discharged from the hospital soon. YAY! I started at the gill rehab program and i will be going there on my own i wont go at least for the first half tommorow because iw iwll be going to a "legislative breakfast" for the "mentally ill... also i heard from Melissa Murphy from Gavin she sent me thsi colorful letter w/ nice envelope......daddy went to the registry today to get a new liscences plate andmommy went to the mall to look at curtians for our new home hannah is at mother gouldbourne's all day for church too....i have to try to call sheldon so that he canget our compouter to have internet service..I wrote Alison....I told her alll about my dady day I am longing to hear from her...i heard form Vicky the vietnemese or tapei girl w/depression and Okey the white guy i met online with potential for dating and Patrice Tam's firned and Hannah has been asking me questions about sergeant shulzt only because i told her i told unlce timothy i was flirting iwth him....she thinks it wasn't flirting...ANYWYZ!!!



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