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7:02 p.m. - 2005-06-24
Update on Friday afternoon
Dear Alison,
Glad you got my letters.. Now I just hope you can read the handwriting…kind of messy. If you don’t undestand a part of it tell me.
Have you heard from my Uncle recently? I haven’t. It seems like he stays pretty busy…being a computer IT type person and a minister at the same time, while handling two grown girls.
I’m sorry about the little girl. She does need help. Maybe she does like you but doesn’t know how to express it. I’m not sure. I’ve never met her. But I hope she gets better. Maybe her parents aren’t training her right. Have you ever heard that saying that the child is mentally ill because the parent is mentally ill in the first place? I heard it from some psychology television movie.
That’s good that you are volunteering. Try to volunteer whenever you don’t work. My cousin told me that. Because that will show that you are work geared and don’t let up in a way I guess you could say.
What causes your panic attacks? Is it a lot of people? I feel more comfortable around younger kids than older kids. Even though I may be wrong I feel that younger kids are more simply minded than older kids. But my feelings have been hurt by a younger kid before. Believe it or not. They can have a sharp mouth at times too. But this honesty makes them easier to accept. Whereas, older kids hold things in and give “The eye” Like rolling eyes or something but when asked what’s wrong they just say “nothing.”
Anyway, I didn’t get a chance to see my doctor before he left…he’s too fast short and fast so I couldn’t say Bye to him…plus I was on the phone with my mother when he zipped away. I really don’t know how my new doctor (the doctor I like) is going to treat my case. They are going to let me go soon so I don’t know how he is going to do my discharge like will it be soon or not? Etc. etc.
I went to a breakfast at the state house on Wednesday. It was nice……everyone looked nice….I had a bowl of fruit and didn’t eat the rest of the food because it was uncovered…I guess I’m paranoid like that. Oh well. It was nice talking to you.
I might go to sleep or surf the web a bit….maybe go to to look for bedding……



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