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6:04 p.m. - 2005-06-28
Dear Alison,
Cool. Where did you get the flowers for the desks?
I went to groups today and learned a little Microsoft Word..I typed an article yesterday for the Gill Gazette too. I went to spirituality group and I said "WE are made in teh image of God" and he agreed. He was saying how that we all have the potential of being a christ or a buda or a krishna but can't be the actual individual...such as Jesus Christ..that's when I punched in that statement We are made in the image of GOd.Me, well I had an ok train ride back, I drank some water and ate some chips leftover from lunch. When I got back I asked the doctor I like,"who is my new doctor?" and he told me another Dr. I thought he would say "me". So I was really stunned and broken hearted and wanted to cry....mind you this doc I like also takes his patients on walks and buys food for them... I guess my doctor was wrong, the doc i like wont really be my doc unless my new doc is gone on vacation etc. etc. I called my mom and my sister she wasn't there so i spoke to my mom at work.I got back my insurance thingy I don't understand it....I think I have insurance now covering my hospital stay...I'm not sure....that would be good if i did cuz then i wouldn't have the money taken out of my social security check anymore....checkout i go there throughout the day...its' a tennis tounrmanet in England.
I am doing ok though. I'm here in teh computer room literally chilling out (the air condition is on). I wore my Victoria's Secret perfume this morning..not that it matters...I bought this new spray on SUnday and some new shoes too on Sunday with my family. THe spray is Pineapple by TIME OUT company.
Oh well..I feel like making circles with a designing program but my computers here at the hospital don't have that type of program.
I MISS CUTE DOCTOR!!! I spoke to him today twice!!! He was like smiling and stuff and I said BYE to him and he said BYE back haaaaaaaaa!
Oh well he's like 40 something....He's very cute though....



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