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8:18 p.m. - 2005-06-30
these daily updates are becoming numerous!!!
I was nervous because there was nothing to do. I ended up not going to the icecream trip . they only took one person from my unit. I totally understand the paper thing alison i am always clamming through my paperwork too...I did today too. i just cleaned out my clothing and sorted through it . is orted the winter from the summer clothes then my roomate comes in and says turn off the f****** lights!! (and she was the one who turned them on. (she is overweight ) I feel guilty I should have turned them off...but she hurt my feelings shouting so i didn't do anything...eeek!

Anyway I don't know passion flowers I just looked them up on the internet. They are VERY gorgeous though. i'm sure he'll be thrilled. Mike will definitely like them.

Good thing you have insurance though I don't know if I have insurance. Update me on how the meeting with Mike goes too.





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