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4:32 p.m. - 2005-07-06
take a bite out of crime (i just felt like saying that..)
Today I went on a job interview. It was good. It was at the Home Depot. John from Gill road us to the mall. So, I basically went with the group as a group project for Community Access Group. We drove all the way to Watertown. The only thing, when I got to the Home Depot in the Arsenal Mall of Watertown at 5 minutes until 12 the lady said that my interview was for 11 a.m. but told me to wait for the next employer, Ken, to interview me. I waited for about 10 minutes then I had my interview. IT WENT VERY WELL. I have to call him on Sunday he's black his name is Ken to find out if they will hire me...I don't want to get my hopes up to high..because according to that lady I was"in the records" as being for 11 was i late? I don't know. Becuase the girl whom I spoke on the phone to said I could come at 12...younger girls seem careless to me and giddy (ok, just a rant). I DON'T KNOW.
I've been emailing Alison, she has a boyfriend named Mike he's a biker dude. She is still in pain and takes pain medecine for it.
Mommy hannah and daddy have been supportive of me and they have been talking about discharge until this new doctor Dr.Pace, my new doctor came. He has to "get to know me" first. I went on an overnight for the first time in a while the week before last and I stayed at the new home.I can't wait until I start living there. I like it but now only minmally because i haven't had the chance to experience it as a free girl. WEll I"m going to get some rest and try to call Hannah at MOther's G's probably for church tonight ,wednesday night Biblel Study.
Ok, BYE>
-LEE-DYU (that's how i say my name sometimes when making collect calls home to mommy daddy and hannah) urgh! I hope nothing bad happens.



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