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5:50 p.m. - 2005-07-18
I want to become a teacher
I guess I will write in this diary now.I am writing form the MSPCP in psych form. That is to say the Massachusetts Society Of Prevention of Cruelty to people EEYUK I hate this place. so much. I cant' wait to leave. I m sick of the doctor palying games with me....ANyway
I hav ebeen going out . I went ot th e Old Country Buffet yesterady for a prayer breakfast.
i saw Dr. Mac today...I have been staying anawy from certain friends enqoute because I want my space to breath I need a chance to be by myself I really want my own apartment but just thinking about it the other day mademe kind of scared to say the truth. What if a criminal breaks into my apartment I got an gynelogical exam almost today but she stopped because i was having my embrarassing for her to see that.!! I have been thinking about moving .....I want to move to florida after i got o bunker hill communigty college....right now I am at the Gill rehab program....there is this gril named Talia and she is a staff emmber she is returning to Israel... Oh I went on a job interview to HOme Depot it was ok but I was late according to them.(urgh I' constipated) yuk...but i got my interview John from Gill accompinied me and they rejected me I wan'st accpeted for the job....the interview completely covered that up. So I am waiting to hear from this manger at the COpley Flair store in Back Bay. I hope i get ithe job!
Right now I am focusing on being a ateacher.....I think I would be a good teacher. but my mind was really set on moving to europe this morning....the doctor would blame me of bi-polar symptoms if her new how my mind worked today and yesterady.....people are so ignorant and me incluede at times.... they live m=by traditions and stuff.
I went home a pass saturday to sunday...Peggy was there at church i feel like everyone thinks i'm crazy....I have been able to relax better though...I want to start school at Bunker Hill Comunnuty college but I am a bit nervous about it. Oh guess what Prinec William graduated from college......after taking a year off he has finally graduated..he took a year of in the beginning.
Oh and I have been trying to learn Russian too..I don't feel like studying it now though...i feel like doing more internet surfing about becoming a teahcer...Love, LYdia



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