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8:27 p.m. - 2006-08-25
hi diary guess what there is this guy named allan and i think he's SO cute. he is a security guard at the shattuck. guess what also i was at the arbour as i told you and i thought i overheard some kids saying that someone put aids in my drink...i don't know; wayne (a white 25 year old male from bridgewater county jail who i also think is cute and is on my unit (10 South) said it isnt true I WISH I COULD GET A BIG HUG FROM allan the security guard...hahh...tommorow is church bye...i hate priscilla because she doesn't wave back to me when i wave to her and cilicia has a short temper...everyone is so mean...bye.
p.s. I feel like dancing to slow pretty music...
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