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8:21 p.m. - 2006-08-29
Aaron My Love
Guess what I gave aaron (aaron is a cute security guard that works here at the hospital i am at) a card by the way his name isn't ALLEN it is AARON...he is so cute...mommy hannah and daddy were standing by while i gave him a thankyou card for being a "good security guard" as I wrote in the thankyou card. I started the alpha day program on last Friday...this sunday is a pool party and slash birthday party for Hannah...I am so overcome by Aaron he is so handsome he is a christian catholic and is 25 years old..he is a white male...he is so cute...and he walked away he smiled to his friend...i feel a bit depressed...because i spoke to sue heleiegh the lady from mass rehab commission and she said that i have to wait for until i get discharged which is a while to go to school...i've gotta go upstairs i still think wayne is cute that 25 year old caucasian (white) male living on my unit...i am going to watch "Pink Panther" w/ Beyonce tonight...I bought it from Shaws on Sunday....YAY! My first DVD that I own...I realize I have a lot of junk and stuff I just need to learn how to organize and utilize it...I went to teh Happy 99 cent store in Mattapan Square today...GRANVILLE I can't wait to see you (This entry I am making is going both in my diary and my myspace website which hardly anyone but me reads) Peace...I am oddly looking forward to church and to the dollar store trip tommorow and church on Sabbath gotta run bye....



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