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5:23 p.m. - 2006-09-08
At the library
i am now at hte libraryu in the hospital again. I need to use the restroom but I am shy to because Aaron is lurking around...shucks...anwayz i just read's diary. She is going to the red sox game on teh 16th lucky duck after playing softball fo rthe first time yesterday i am interested in teh bat and ball sports..hehe..i hope mommy daddy and hannah come tonight..i want or need or want whichever deems best-a new outfit (not just bought but from my shabang of clothes)for church tommorow. I am wearing my "honey" lip gloss I 'm getting high off it...I'm JUST KIDDING...gosh. Anyway I was carrying the scrabble game my rehab counselor let me borrow and this guy was like Why are you caring scrabble around and you can't even play it. JERK. I ignored him. Peace.



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