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10:28 a.m. - 2006-09-08
I went to the softball game fo rthe hospitals last night. I twas good. I ran a home run. I ran like was amazing to feel the dirty dust under my feet. Ok enought getting poetic. I saw Aaron last night. He is so handsome.. I can't get over it. I looked at him and he turned red...why does that always happen to guys? Anwayz...I am Alpha and I spoke to Hannah this morning. I twa s good a good conversation whatever anyway. I have been on myspace alot..It was nice to be on there...I posted a lot of blogthings....go to
PLUS now I am listening to Don't You Wish Your boyfriend was hot like know that song. Here goes dont you wish your girlfriend was hot like me dont' you wish your girlfriend was free like me...etc....hopefullly I will be going to church this Sabbath...I kinda like Ken from the program (Alpha) he is cool.

We might be going to the gym this morning...I want to play basketball or and pool if anything at all. Plus I want to play tennis later on today if I don 't go to rec night athte hospital and play scrabble..
I am going to be Hopefully applying to a volunteer position athe Boys and Girls' Club of Dorchester so I can show prospective employers that I continually am working despite my hospital stays. I HATE my hospital stays so much. They suck. As some of you may know if you have read my diary I have a mental diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder...I know your like schiza schizo WHAT? TO ME its some dumb name psychs come up with for people who just happen to be yes, i ll say it normal....f--- that anyway...
Oh a few people left my myspace....f--- that too so much for being there friends....and I took care of some very important business this weeek....I KNOW What it is and I m' glad it's been taken care of.
Last night I watched "West side Story" on a DVD i got from the Library . It is good...I like Maria and her suitor he 's handsome this is the old one from the early 60's I is a musical...."Maria say it soft and it's like a prayer" ho ho humm....ahhh I like it though On a scale of 1-10 I'd' rate it a 5. I am going to post this in my 3 websites...livejournal, myspace and this one diaryland...I love diaryland I LOVE U DIARYLAND <3.
In happenings:

Steve Irwin passed away, Kids in Boston returned to school, The governmental races are going on,September 11th is happening next week and there is supposed to be a moment of silence in the hospital where I am

wait I just got interuppted typingAnd

I just found out I might not be going to the gym .......bummer



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