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9:30 a.m. - 2006-09-20
Aaron, Jobs, Tennis and Beautiful College Students haha
Hi everyone. I spoke to Aaron the day before yesterday. I told him I am sorry for putting my phone number on the card I gave him because there are certain rules about workers and inpatients/patients associating w/ each other like that. I was like "I know that I am not aloud to do that" and he was like " I can't do that" And he repeated it(in reference to the fact that he can't call me cuz he works here and I'm a patient here) and said "I can't do that" again. Maybe he sensed that I liked when he said that whatever. Last night I played basketball and made 3-4 baskets and listened to music and walked around the hospital w/ Mohammed Asaff.We talked about our time at the other hospital i was at before I came here. They kept me there because my white blood cell count was low supposidly because of the medication i was on(clozaril) keeping my white blood cell count low. Then since the Arbour was a private hospital they could only keep me for a certain period of time approximately 9 months and I ended up being transferred to the Shattuck HOspital cuz my limit of time to be at the Arbour was up. The Arbour was "ok" but sometimes i didn't really feel like I wanted to be there. But I am here at the Shattuck now. WHat else is going on with me? I played tennis yesterday and the day before yesterday. I have been applying to ALOT of jobs. Shaws, CVS, UPS, KMart, Stop and Shop and the list goes on. I figure if I can't get work cuz of those beautiful, college students who already have their rolled up paper (degree) getting places in employment ahead of me I will volunteer for the rest of this year so that I can show future employers that I have a work orientated mind. Ok. Bye. I've gotta run. I am going to see if I can go to the volunteer office here at the hospital and sign up to volunteer. Because Mico the volunteer lady told me (she is african american pretty and very nice) that i should get back to the volunteer office in mid september. Today is September 20th and I think I should check it out. Ok. Peace. WRITE ME A NOTE ON THIS ENTRY PLEASE! I love getting notes!



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