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10:19 a.m. - 2006-11-15
Aaron, Hair Show, Bryman Institute and other stuff...
Here is a letter I wrote to Uncle Timothy...I might as well show it to you guys too
Hi Uncle Timothy,
How are you doing? What have you been studying? Whta kind of grades do you get?
I took a test and passed earlier this week I got an 83 on one and a 92 on the other..I have been atttending Bryman Institute to study to be an Medical Admisnistrative Assistant. I am pretty happy about that. What kind of tests do you get? How do you pay for school? I got a job at TARGET. I have to go to school today. I just saw a friend from church on the street. He was going to a job interview. Poor thing. having to take the public transportation ....heheh...oh well I have my music with me any way.I got an IPOD too...and downloaded ITUNES to the computer. You know I have been discharged from teh hospital for like 5 or 6 weeks or more. I might go to a hair show this weekend. MAYBE...ok...tell everyone I said hello. B ye. I have to pay my cell phone bill...ok. bye. Oh and I like this guy named Aaron at the hospital I was at...he is a security guard there. I can't wait till he leaves to be a police man then maybe I could ask him to go out with me. I WILL be careful. He is white and 6'1..brown/blonde hair....brown eyes....average/thin...VERY hair cut...cute....ok..bye.



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