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5:24 a.m. - 2007-01-06
Seeing aaron and buying a car among other things my new laptop etc.
I went to church yesterday as well as to the Shattuck the hospital I was at for psychiatric care yesterday with the fam. It was ok. I saw mystery man and I spoke to him, of course that is Aaron., He was so cute. I asked him if he was Irish and what's his last name I was so embarassed I didn't remember his answer. I SO want to go with him. He is so sexy and cute.
I got back from Maryland on Tuesday and didn't go to school on Wednesday or Thursday. I have to call school and make up the days.
I bought a laptop from Target, yesterday at church they were shouting and bogging themseleves down on me so that i could getg "better" they're crazy.
Anwyay I enjoyed me trip to Maryalnd
I saw peter and rene and it was fun.
we went there for chirsmats they live in virginia. nate was wthere too
These are the things I have so far: a laptop, an IPod, a digital camera, a cell phone and a guitar,drums, and a keyboard (THE PHONE ALARM IS GOING OFF IN THE HOUSE) WHO'[STYRING TO USE THE PHONE I WONDER but, i have 4 credit cards and I need a job. i have beensurviving on ssi (social security income)
hopefully tommorow i get to go to bro keslock mitchell's church. I need a ride...I want to buy a cheap car and get my drivers liscences (get my permit first) before i get a car of course
Right now what I'm scared of:
Carlton (this guy at my church who keeps on bugging me at "just the right" times (the wrong times of course)
Not getting a cafeteria job at the Shattuck
my health
(I have never been sexually active---I know I know a 24 year old virgin who lives on masturbation how sorry)
my hair
making it to Annemarie's weddding
staying away from those kids in my neighborhood who have been threatnbinbg to kill m e.

this computer crashing or the electricity going off in te house nad the computer crashing
no one reading my diary
ok, i'm gonna upload pics to facebook and hi5 and then go to sleep. peace.eee

and before i go AARON IS MY LOVE RIGHT NOw i asked him what is his last name and he said "don't worry about it"
he started to turn all red in the face yesterday i felt embarassed too

I think Francine doesn't like me
I]'m still kinda wary of the Chamber
's sisters (like francine and cauleen I know they have good intentions but we are on a different level.




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