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9:03 a.m. - 2007-01-22
I am at school now. I like the way this font looks. Ok, I have been studying all day and sleeping. Today I studied about being a insurance biller; lots of big words. I get the general idea though. I am longing for some gum but I don't want to get it. I am going to go to and put in an entry.

Also at school this evening ( I am a evening student) I got here first I was the first student to arrive in the classroom and I basically started filling out my PDR sheet (That is a sheet listing different drugs)it is an assingment for the class (homework). I ate a whopper jr. and medium fries and a medium diet coke for dinner on the way here. Daddy drove me to school. Nice of him. But I have been paying for the gas. I hope he continues driving me to school. Because I can't stand taking the T. I feel for my fellow classmates who must take substantial public transportation to get to Bryman.

I am full of food. I don't think I will eat anymore at home. I am FULL. Delmar, my classmate usually drives me to a point where I pick up a bus and go home from there every night.

Ok, that's it for now. I am off to to put in an entry. Bye. "Thanks" to those of you who read this. I appreciate your comments and your care.

I am waiting to here from a college as to whether they will accept me or not. I wasn't accepted to the job position I applied to as a food service worker. THey said they decided to "go in another direction" what in the world is that supposed to mean?!?


bye for now.


P.S. Even thought the song doesn't apply to me I am listening to LIPS OF AN ANGEL by Hinder. I like it.

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January 3, 2007 - Wednesday

8:12 AM - Back in Boston
Category: Travel and Places

I am back in Boston., I feel refreshed. I had a overall nice Christmas break. This was my first Christmas. Maryland was very pretty. I took some picitures.
Now I have to focus on getting a job and finishing school and getting me a car!

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December 30, 2006 - Saturday

9:15 AM - Calling me crazy

That's just not right. First of all everybody should try to be nice to each other. And second of all it's wrong wrong


I love that header code!

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7:54 AM - So excited

I'm so excited about life in general now. I can't wait to go to Aunt Omega's house and sew and use the internet talk to her and play on the piano.

I miss high school. I had al ot of stuff to do. Now I am so dormant. i've slowed down a great deal. I miss high school . did i say that?

. today is church for my parents but i wont be going i am in maryland now at my uncle's house so i have to go out with them they are sunday observers.

going back to boston soon. it wont be the same, i realize this, it will be different.

planning on going to florida this summer. maybe. might be fun.

happy new year.

spending the new year at church here in maryland. hope it will be lot sof good times and fun.

i need a new instant cam era.
ok .bye.

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7:47 AM - Look at my new web layout!

I decided to choose a black layout because it would match the colors in the music video for Nelly Furtado's new single "Say It Right". The black myspace layout matches the black helicopter that ascends with Nelly Furtado inside. And as she steps out she places her feet on a black and white sort of logo on the ground saying "NELLY FURTADO". I like it. It's really exciting! Ok, peace.

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December 29, 2006 - Friday

8:14 AM - I realize

I realize that most of the people around me are not like me. I will have to get out of their way and find new company. I know it will be "weird". Haha! ok .bye.
on the other side of life:
-i am getting my hair touched up today with a ~$5.00 relaxer
-i am going to mail my medical records request form
-i am going to watch VH1 and dance my self to the musik
-i am going to call my cuzin patrice and find out if she got the job she is trying to get
-i am going out today and staying away from the hospital ( i know im' paranoid of hospitals now for those who know what i've been through
On my mind:
"What is uncle timothy going to do today"
"Why do they think * **** ****"
"I hate people who try to dish the dirt on me when there is no dirt"
"I'm glad I am in Boston and not in Maryland I mean vice versa at least this morning"
"I know you are reading my myspace!"
" What am I going to do today"
"I am ugly"
"I don't wish I were pretty because most of us aren't any way we try"
"My rep is spoiled bcs. of teh whole hospital bit" (I've known this for a while anyway_)


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December 27, 2006 - Wednesday

11:04 PM - Whooh!
Current mood: lethargic

i just went from wanting to go back to boston tommorow righ away or even tonight to staying in Maryland until my appointed day of departure.....i'm going through some sh*t...

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11:00 PM - Really good talk

i just had a good talk (discussion witih my unclce. i have decided that i will finish school and attend umass lowell fulltime and live on campus...i have to i need a job and i need my own life i'm sick of the b.s. i have to 'move on'. peace.

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10:07 PM - At Uncle T's and pecans stuck in my teeth

There are pecans stuck in my teeth.....I'm at Uncle T's house now. I am so excited about this job that I might be getting. It would be perfect for me because it is close to my house. I am wearing Vita gloss O2 by bonnebell lip gloss. It makes my lips feel smooth. Today I watched a lot of MTV and listend to music I weneet with Ms. Annie to CVS pharmacy this lady that isliving with my Uncle and Aunt. Miss Annie is the next millionaire and Oprah she likes to be called. She want s to be called thaht. So if she becomes famous one day you read it here at myspace...hehehe who knows?
Hannah spoke eto Dean from England online today our good friends from England.
I'm not looking forward to to mmorow I hope it isn't boring I want to listen to music.........I probably will. I smell thee gum in my coat pocket I was happy and luck to get 4 different kindss of gum yesterday at Walmart here in maryland by EXTRA: sour apple, bubble gum, peppermint an dspearmint the spoil brat that I am .....if only i could be p hsyically comfortable in it all....i feel uncomfortable mosst of the time for those of you who don't know.....i wish i could get some good clothes sso i could be for instance right now I am down stairs and it is cold so i wore my coat (my long long coat) it is kinda uncomfortable nonetheless it keep s me warm.
I miss my frienid sfrom t he Shattuck even if they don't miss me....going to t he library going on trips meeting and greeting nice people :). Oh well Boston youo haven't stopped seeing me on your streets. ....I should be bacck soon enoiugh God willing and if i hiave a safe trip back....anything could if something happnes and this iss my last blog entry let me tell youo all my friends sat the Shattuck I love you and my myspac friends you are the best and my family you are great! ok that''s my little venting on that subjecct.....what else i dont want to put something in here that will make me feel bummer later after thinking over what i have typed in ths diary... I am going to enter this in before this computer does something it doenst' do once in a blue moon (freeze or shut down for some odd inconspicuos reason)....ok LOVE YOU ;) mystery man even if you don't llike me..... you know who you might be. hehehee.
I feel hated well if i am I HATE YOU

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December 22, 2006 - Friday

Current mood: groggy

I am currently at my Uncle's home in Maryland I am so glad that I can get a break from school. I feel that Boston has gotten under my skin. YUCK I can't wait to get out of Boston one day for good. Whether it is marrying mystery man or moving out on my own (I AM A FIGHTER BABY) I don't think anyone's negative comments are appropriate here....anyway, Well I am out and it's peacful in this neighborhood (My uncles)Thanks for giving me refuge Uncle Tim I need mental healing. And here at my ucnle's at night when it is dark no one is up and walking around and there is peace and quiet is where it can kind of happen. I just had a dream that I had a fight with someone who I will keep it secret since this is a public website. It isn't you Quota...someone closer (I mean someone who is around me often) ILL LEAVE YOU ALL GUESSING (HAHA)but we argued and in the end the person was telling me you are evil. And I said me? And they said yeah And I said "turn around and look in the mirror !" I had to get this entry in because I couldn't sleep. I was watching MTV and VH1 and I was knitting a yellow scarf earlier. I don'
t think too many people read this. I don't want to write in my diaryland diary from any computer because it has some personal info in it from teh times I have been "Mentally Ill" as normal peoiple like to put it who have well adjusted lives.

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October 13, 2006 - Friday

3:05 PM - This blog thing doesn't work well on my computer
Current mood: sick
Category: Life

Oh, it works now. There is a link that redirects you to this place where you can put in a blog. So, anyway,I have been working. I feel nervous about it.
I bought
JET's new Album Shine On...their other one is alot better. I must admit their CD, Get Born is a bit better than Shine On. The events happening in Iraq and Korea really suck. I wonder about my friends from the Army often..epsecially those who left Bravo company and got sent to Basic Training.
That plane crash involving the Yankee baseball player was suprising. I read about it while I was online the day it happened.
I still think about Marmalade often. The other day I sensed his presence but it was a sound coming from somewhere else...I was thinking it was him behind me but it was really just a noise coming from somewhere.
Tommorow is church. I am not really looking forward to it. I have my reasons. It is boring too.
I spoke on the phone to the people who will help me get into college next year last week. I feel nervous about it. I guess that's my blog. I have to get off the internet. My mom needs the phone. Peace.

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October 4, 2006 - Wednesday

7:39 PM - This is Hannah's graduation....I am SOO Proud of you SIS!!!!!

Get Your Own! | View Slideshow

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September 28, 2006 - Thursday

8:00 PM - Job offer
Current mood: full

Yippy. I got a job offer today. Pray it goes well. Thanks.


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September 14, 2006 - Thursday

1:45 PM - Me

Hello all! I'm doing good.


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September 12, 2006 - Tuesday

10:15 AM - Ouch!

ouch! I sprained my thigh swimming!


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