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12:02 p.m. - 2007-11-14
Bryman Institute Carpool
I've felt a little better this time around here at the Shattuck . It's seems like each year I'm here it gets easier to cope. Thus, my coping skills are improving.
Anyway there is this guy down stairs who keeps on yelling up to me through the window here on the 10th floor. It is so annoying. He says stuff like if I think he can read my mind or whatever and he says like if I say I want to go to college he says "You wont." then he says "she's sick". He's off the hook kind of crazy. But tonight they are supposed to go to the Museum I hope I get to go with TREE. It will be loads of fun if I get to go.
Ok, lunch is served later here too. Instead of 11:30 like it was last year now it is 12:30 that lunch is served. I can't wait to go to Bryman from here. I have to ask my doctor Dr. Clark if I can go to Bryman from here. I want a carpool from Forest Hills. I have to ask one of the students from one of my classes if I can be picked up from Forest Hills to go to Bryman. Oh and there are these nursing students here that keep on asking me questions it is a rquired part of their nursing internship but i find it so annoying. In other news I can't wait until daddy brings my knitting so I can knit. And I will try to break that habit of going to the library like i did last year when i was at the Shattuck by knitting instead and playing on my PSP.Oh and I didn't tell you but I was at the Parker West Shelter (for slutty women) in the Dorchester area. I HATED it. I absolutely hated it. Those kids (particulary Carl's son on Howe St. in Dorchester) were always screaming up to the window at me. I found it perturbing and disruptive and disturbing. And there is a day care there at the Parker West Shelter and a woman's home for pregnant women. But the kids from the daycare were screaming every day and reading my mind. Well I gotta run. Peace.



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