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8:08 a.m. - 2007-11-14
Scary Consequences of Lover Phone Call
Alot has happened since I wrote in this journal. People at thehospital have been making fun of me and back talking me. Also I was badly brave enoug to call Aaron's home. He was upset and called the campus security and they told me that I might get arrested if I do it again...that is for stalking in stalking in Masachusetts(i looked it up) one can get 5 years of jail or $1000 bail. He has problems anyway I don't think he likes me.
But enough about Aaron . Igo t a visit from mommy and daddy yesterday and they gave me (mommy) gave me $2.00 for cheezits and m&m's a wonderful treat.
I spoke to my doctor about returning to Bryman while I am a patient at the Shattuck. He said I would have to wait plus I was restricted from the phone so he said after that bit is over I could get more privileges to go back to Bryman. I miss Marmalade. I will probably be going to a group home. I am probably going to be a "T" nut (like army "nut" if you know what I mean.



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