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4:26 p.m. - 2008-01-02
At the Shattuck: Elda, Sal, James, and My \"Read my mind\" poem reccolections
I am in the library .i'm still at the Shattuck waiting to get into Bryman again. Huh! This is getting testy for me. I mean having to wait and wait and wait.
The people are nice and everyhing but my roomate from Haiti is kind of weird. Her name is Elda. And she is always doing witchcraft on me. I feel like fucking her. I mean her mouth and her chest?!? She is like Catrillion "C" size. The other day I was about to masturbate on her arm and stuff.
Then there is this guy an MHA (Mental Health Associate) from Africa (Sor Leon)his name is Sal (i recognized him having seen him last year)
and he reminds me of Dean from England. He is tall and handsome.He is cool. I like him. He stands tall like a giraffe. Anyway I am on a break now. I get 1/2 hour privileges two times a day. Those kids have been followoing me. Ok, since I went into the Navy I was out and I went out with this Indian guy and he poked me with his finger in the vagina and took out the hymen. So now I am jealous of Hannah because she still has a hymen and feel very jeslous because people (or maybe even voices in my head -which I can't believe I have now) say that Hannah should marry Aaron. Remember that guy from last year. Who I said I liked? And then there is this MHA (Mental Health Associate) named James. And he is always saying Aaron wants to have sex with Hannah. I don't really feel that jealous anymore because I typed it out. Ok, someobody in the hallway just said "sick" I feel like people can read my thoughts. I have to go now. Talk to you later. I want to go out on a pass with Naomi, Tabitha, and Faith my girl cousins. I hvae to go now. My 1/2 break is almost up (I hear a voice now telling me what to type. It's kind of like that thing where I wrote a poem about it like I can hear you through the drops of your car of your dreams (Remember that poem I wrote?? Ok, well Hannah graduated from Simmons in nursing not sure if i wrote that. I can't wait to graduate from Bryman ( I will ) can't wait to wear that graduation gown.



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