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10:39 a.m. - 2008-01-11
Happy New Y ear 2008
Aaron the security guard that I like left early January.I'm sad about that.Happy New Year. Everyone.My life is so weird right now. I am still at the Shattuck Hospital in Jamaica Plain, MA and I feel so confused I have been here since November 2007. I have been thinking about everything I have to do. Such as get a car, go to Bryman Institute. I have been hearing voices, yes it is my turn now to finally hear voices. I have been interviewed by many psychiatrists and have been telling them "I do not hear voices". Now is my turn to hear voices. Finally I have that rank under my belt as "A PERSON WHO HEARS VOICES". Anway I have to go. Oh, and before I got, Aaron the security guard that I like left early January.



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