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12:47 p.m. - 2008-01-20
Aaron's dick
I am still at the hospital (Lemuel Shattuck). I hate this guy I actually hate all the guys at this hospital except for security because they (security) is cool like that. I want to take Criminal Justice at Bunker Hill Community College. I will take Criminology at BHCC (Bunker Hill Community College). Yesterday I gave Michelle some soda and this ugly (MHA) t-Mental Health Associate took it from me.I am supscicous of all the patients on all the in the whole hospital . They are horrible. Val , Roy , Gilbert . SO police officeers if something ever happens to me read in here. I miss Aaron but thi nk about him he is working at hte NEw Hampshire Race Tracks as a police officer. I wonder if he likes me. I will go to college. I am scared of those kids on Howe Street. Particulary Cock Roach. ANd Carl's son if very dangerouse. He is such aw jerk I hope he dies. He said when my head kinda shook in church that I was having sex in my head I WAS NOT! Jerk.
I hate daddy I hate hannah I hate mommy. Just becuase I am the hone i n the family with a big chest they want to ostracize me.



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