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7:51 a.m. - 2008-07-01
Poems, Ramblings, Regrets, Slams, Haters....Etc., My Va'ginity
I am still listening to Rihanna "If It's Loving that you want" I LOVE THIS SONG>.....but at times I am worried that I am turning into a cheap sell out who listens to anything.....on the verge of getting in fected by a distant minded sick "lover" kinda like this dudd who is my counselor....MAN I

miss 'Marma' i just hear Naomi's voice....let's see let me update you....Naomi had a baby a few years ago named Ramani....Reena and Ethann are getting married :'(...kinda disappointing because I was kinda into Ethan a while back....The family moved (Us---Hannah mommy daddy and me and Marmalade) to 23 Howe DOrchester...the world is really changing floods the troops are running for president... Barack Obama is running for president and is HISTORICALLY the first black president with alot of votes. There are these guys (I am still at the Lemuel SHattuck) who shout through the window to me while I am using the computer..I HATE IT...anyway I get a feeeling that people in this state are hating on me....a few 10+ excluding the gang and haters which include Cock roach.......soeone from HOwe Street. I AM SCARED..and that thing with voices oh well I have actually been hearing them...I never thought I would...OH yeah and I joined the "Navy" was when I was heated and unalleviated from living on howe St. Life is different since we moved to Howe Street......I hate being at this hospital too.....I HATE IT....sometimes I get depressed and Oh there is this thing (really unecessary and something I hope that doens't happen ...they are saying (the police in this hospital...that Hannah is going to Marry Aaron if I kill myself or if the STUPID M_F 'ing gang does get to me...Gilbert that weirdo guy who's been ganging up on me not to mention the patients who "read my mind" some what ironic becuase of the poem I wrote "Read My Mind" in an earlier entry. Talking of poetry I have been writing a lot of poetryIn addition people have been lying to m e a lot from my window here at the Shattuckk and in the unit I am at.....I follow some of the dorky voices but most of the time I manage to ignore them....oh in other news I should probably put this in priority (because "Hannah is the virgin bitch (as the officers would say)saurabh this Indian guy I dated from craigslist stuck his finger rat' on up my body and took away m y hymen so I am no longer a virgin 'per say (as daddy would say: 'per say)
but I feel bad because It keeps from not shhhhh....masturbation restriction....oh and I have all these people reading my mind in this hospital
Ok let me list the patients who have been bothering me (reading my mind 'per say): Janitor Paula, Sal, Peter, Leonor Flores, Paul,Elda Jean Michelle ( who I hit when I was out of control) ...shizzle my nizzle she is too sexy (Elda)....also I feel like everyone doesn't rest to well with me



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