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1:24 p.m. - 2008-07-04
Having a mixed kid
I am still at this hospital. I hate it. That guy Gilbert is fucking all of the women. I am afraid I"ll be next. But God is my keeper and he can direct my path. Even though I don't read as many voices as others. I try . It get's hard sometimes. There is a security guard here that has SAD like I used to and it's kinda an indicator reminder of how I really felt in my "day" (when I was doing well) Well bitches : " It's time for me to have a kid ) I want to have sex with a white guy. There hair will turn out better and be easier to take care of. Just kidding but maybe it's the truth. I hate people who like Television. I disowned my family and moved and started my own family.
-The End.



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